I hanker for dusk, for the stars of the night.

The full moon

I yearn for the summer cloud, to be by myself

I want it all turned down, the volume knob on life

Serenity is all I want, a clear mind.

The realm of my own

I want free, I want out.


I want to close my eyes and see the stars and the moon and the sky

I want to sit at the bank of the ocean and stare at its peculiar nature, I just want to swim with the shoal and breathe in its essence

I want to clean off the fog off my eyes, I want to see better

I want to stay here and stare into tranguil’s eyes for life

I need to get away from life


I want to shut down and descend into silence. Slowly.

For my brain to be empty and clean and white

I want not to know soot; I just want to run myself into a washing machine for a minute

For the permanent curved lips, and the forever shining eyes


I want to float around and give hi fives to angels

I want a paradise, where my body can be stroked by the blooming flowers, where grass has no snakes and the lions are friendly

I want to take a picture with the tiger and frame it on my chest

I want the world a bay

I just want tranguility.



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