Have you ever been cheated on by a person you love dearly and have been 101% faithful to? If you have then you will know that it feels awful. Think of the last trump that shall proclaim to mankind the end of the world. That is how awful it feels. It is a sure blow to your ego and self-esteem. It makes you question yourself, your judgments, and your […]


With a single breath of life, you become The tranquility of nature soothes you away You lie calm, a saint in paradise Like a vernal bud, mama graces her pregnancy with pride Oh heavenly angel, how precious you are.   Swiftly blowing away, time rings an alarm It’s almost that moment, that nature called on to nurture. Hoping nurture will be good to you, it propels you out Mama is […]


Let’s face it, as much as we want to bury our heads in the sand and decide that we are not gonna talk about it, abuse against women is still a common occurrence in our society today. Being in Kenya, I can tell you it is as common as eating ugali here. Thing is, today you will seldom hear the wail of a woman being battered but the bitter, hurtful, […]


Promises cry, irreparable scars Dreams shatter, hope can’t see light Widows mourn, the whole world is broken My heart races, it keeps jumping Wild horses stop to watch, it doesn’t You did this to me   I close my eyes, I light up the dark tunnel I dream. Of love rats, carrying flowers Of doves flying so low, landing on my palms Pecking on the seeds of love, germinating on my […]


Someone the other day asked where the traditional African woman went to. He even went ahead to explain what he meant by a traditional African woman: You know, the one that cooked, cleaned and took all the bullshit by the man but still remained submissive. Who is a traditional African Woman? Like he put it, she is one who cooks, cleans and takes all the bullshit by a man and […]


It starts with me walking into an empty room A three legged stool in the middle I sit on it, look up and squint my eyes a little I’m holding a pen; I gently tap it rhythmically on my forehead I raise my right leg, put it over my left and remain still The reminiscence It all comes back, in a rhythm It sings a song, songs, or a song […]


The mind is an intricate place. Most of what we do not understand about ourselves or others is buried in the mind. The mind controls basically every of our move yet it is one part of us that we have very little knowledge of. Most of what we are aware of is just what our conscious mind communicates to us. But really, what lies behind the moods we can’t seem […]


I hanker for dusk, for the stars of the night. The full moon I yearn for the summer cloud, to be by myself I want it all turned down, the volume knob on life Serenity is all I want, a clear mind. The realm of my own I want free, I want out.   I want to close my eyes and see the stars and the moon and the sky […]


ACHING COMFORT The sun was a loath, the moon just an orb The more I stared, the more it dimmed on me The luminous bodies blinded me, and plunged me into gloom I looked down at my feet. Those I could see   Distant voices, beckoning at me Far away from a distance, I heard you “A snare! Don’t move!” I told myself So I kept looking down, at the […]