Have you ever wondered why when a person has been abused for too long it is very hard for that person to quit their abusive state or work on a way to make the abuse stop? Why many abused and battered spouses will still readily return to and cling on to the abuser? Or maybe why some street kids, after being rescued from the streets and taken into homes or […]


I’m squeezing on these heavy black alloy crystal beads, I’m afraid of letting go I can see my fingers turn into an angel of the grave, the only hope I have, these beads They understand me better My eyes drip of blood I feel it travel, from the core of my soul down to the core of my senses My toe aches the most There is a static in my […]


“I’m about as certain as I can be That all of us to some degree, Have things even we don’t see I wonder what aim yet to learn about me? I know I’m not the person that I will be tomorrow Nor the me from the past Shaped by the days that followed I’m here in the moment, that’s all I can be And that is all I can say […]


There is this little girl perching on a tree branch along Waiyaki way, somewhere at Westlands. About 6 years? Not sure. I’m not really God at guessing age. She is wearing a torn red dress. The dress looks like it has seen the better days of this road. It is dirty and torn and to cover up the parts that the torn parts could expose, or maybe for the convenience […]


My infinite wish is to hold mercury in my palm And grasp it without it slithering away But it is just a wish As heavy and dazzling and round as it is It is still too slippery and fast for me. See, I sit on a cloud It is there, but no one ever sees its foundation It is light and airy and moist But vaporous and flowing like a […]


There are many things in this world that I beat out my brains to understand every day. For example, how a person does not eat meat. Like, it is meat! How does someone not eat meat? It beats me! Or how someone sits behind his/her computer or phone or whatever they use to troll others, goes to another person’s social media account, sees a happy post of a person and […]


They say the eloquence of silence is impressive, they are right. But then again, the loom of silence can be anxiety causing. They say silence is a true friend that never betrays. They are right too. But then again I say silence is the reason many have ended up dead. They insist again, that inability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind. Again, I agree […]


I gag on the blood beat up by you I can’t spit it up at your face like I wish to I’m frail, A butterfly with a missing wing You plucked it off, now you fly with one extra I wait, for that last spit on my grave   Your comport a constant thorn to my flesh You smile and cum at every drill in A single sided one, scorned, […]