Priscilla’s story is one that raises many questions and concerns.

From religion to psychology, from faith to science

From reality to what we perceive

When can you say you have crossed the line of religion and faith into complete denial of your reality?

Are our brains capable of playing tricks on us to feed our illusions, creating an imagined reality far from the actual reality on the ground?

Is the dictum “Religion is the opium of the people” made by Karl Marx 170 years ago any true?

How informed is mankind about human character, narcissism, and domestic abuse?

Let’s find out through this heartbreaking story of Priscilla.

A born again Christian, a gospel musician, raised to uphold the institution of marriage at all cost, Priscilla describes herself as a deep and powerful woman of God.

Her love story is one that won’t fail to bring tears to your eyes.

But more than anything, it will leave you with a lot of questions.

It all started when one unsuspicious 23 year old young man spotted the then 20 year Priscilla at a crusade ministering through her music. Let’s call him Jack. Jack would later go ahead to buy her CD and that very night he made the call that was to put Priscilla’s life on a rocky journey, eventually turning it into a complete nightmare.

That is what I would call it.

He professed his love and intentions to marry her the first day he had a face to face conversation with her.

Within two months, they had had their church wedding and they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs.

Within the first year of marriage they were blessed with a son, the fruit of her own womb.

Life was happening for Priscilla. She was receiving blessings on blessings. Her young age just coming along to paint the perfect picture of that biblical youth being told to enjoy the days of her youth.

This was her time.

And she was enjoying it to the fullest.

It was a smooth sail in the beginning

A fairy tale you could say.

In her own words, she was the envy of many women. They could point it out to her how loved she was. And she did feel loved. She had found her Romeo, she being the Juliet of the story.

But was it love?

This was a man who could accompany her to the saloon, wait for her until she was done and accompany her back home.

A harmless loving gesture.

Or maybe, a red flag.

For Priscilla, this was real love.

But it was not to stay. Soon, the wind would start blowing south.

Things began going downhill for her less than a year after she gave birth to her first child. The loving she was used to from Jack started to slowly but surely die.

Suddenly, he was needed more at work than at home. He could disappear for days, come back with money.

 His explanation?

It was work.

He was working for the money he came with.

Soon, the money vanished too. Now it was just him appearing and disappearing.

A few days became all weekends away. He wasn’t going to church anymore. He wasn’t praying like the once “saved Jack” that spotted her at a crusade. Weekends turned into weeks away.

The blue, cheerful sky Priscilla knew was slowly turning into a dark grey stubborn cloud that couldn’t give a chance for the sun.

Her days turned into long, dark teary tunnels. Why would her once loving husband turn into someone she barely recognized, all in a span of less than 2 years?

“Is this even possible?” She wondered.

Of course, being a staunch Christian, there was only one explanation for this sudden change of heart, A CULT.


Her husband must have joined a cult that was making him behave like this. This couldn’t be normal. He must have been under the influence of demonic powers.

This prompted her to confront him and her question was simple, “Did you join a cult?”

Allegations that he denied….at least at first.

But in her heart, Priscilla was convinced. The devil was at work and she wouldn’t let him win. Not when she still had her faith. This was the time she needed to prove her warrior side with prayers.

Shaken was the least she was. She remained firm and steadfast in prayers. Her sole intent; her marriage to go back to the way it was before the devil snatched away her man. She was not about to lose her marriage to the devil.

She endured, even got pregnant for her second child , a baby she had to undergo caesarian section to deliver.

But as fate could have it, she wasn’t ready for the storm that was to hit her next.

Six weeks after the delivery of her second born, Priscilla received a phone call that would change the course of her marriage for the worse.

The man she loved, the man she was praying for, her husband Jack had impregnated and betrothed another woman and was planning to wed her in Dandora, a place not far from where Priscilla lived with her two babies. The very place Jack had been constantly going every weekend claiming to be working on a pastor’s divorce case .This of course came as a rude shock to her. But she maintained her cool.

She calmly sent him a text telling him to remember to invite his family (Priscilla and the babies) to the wedding. A text he responded to by crying and supposedly confessing.

To Priscilla’s expectations, Jack, amidst tears, confessed to joining a cult. She recalls him saying, “I have wanted to tell you something for a long time but I had no idea how to do it. It is true I joined a cult. I was told not to say a word to anybody lest I die”

Words Priscilla had been waiting to hear to confirm her earlier suspicions. She knew then that she had to act up. She had to up her game. It wasn’t about her pain anymore. It was now the pain of losing a brother in Christ to the devil. She assured him that he would not die as long as she is still a prayer warrior. She convinced him to come back home.

At this point she thought it was wise to invite the wise counsel of her pastors. Before the pastors and his wife, Jack told the story of how he ended up in the supposed cult.

A story of a woman was told; the woman who introduced him to the cult.

 The reason for joining the cult?

 Prosperity at work, he said.

Jack narrated how he was told to enter the initiation room naked and backwards. He recalled being hit on the head and from that moment he became their puppet. He is said to have confessed to contributing five thousands shillings every week to the cult hence his inability to bring money home. In return he was promised women and a house.

According to jack, among the sacrifices he was to make to the cult was to quit his marriage and marry another woman. As he was “confessing” he kept professing his undying love for Priscilla. According to him, impregnating another woman, his plans to marry her, the wedding preparations he was holding in Dandora were all forced on him by his cult. He had absolutely no power over it. He was being used as a puppet.

“How can I possibly wed another woman when I am married to you and I love you?” He tearfully asked Priscilla.

I know at this point I’m beginning to sound like a lunatic. But believe me; I’m just giving an account of events as narrated by Priscilla herself.

For Priscilla, this was not shocking at all. Her dreams of seeing him in chains were just being confirmed as a reality. This was just a moment of confirmation for her. In her own words, instead of being sad and angry, she was so happy because finally she had confirmed the demon that had been feasting on her marriage. It was time to face it and demolish it once and for all.

After confession, it was time for Jack to bring to play his allegations of death as a consequence in case he confessed. He threatened to throw himself off the tallest building in the city. As he could put it, he was already a dead man for speaking against his vow to the cult. He reportedly showed Priscilla where his laptop was and gave her his boss’s phone number in preparation for his death.

Priscilla, being a strong Christian who knows the word declared to him that he would not die. With her compassion and empathy she convinced him to come back to her and her prayer could keep him safe from any evil intentions.

Now jack was the victim in the whole scene and Priscilla the empathic wife trying to save him. She humbled herself in the face of her own pain to have her husband come back home. To her, this was nothing short of a spiritual war.

But her tribulations were far from over.

His coming back home brought no much difference to her pain. Her presence or absence seemed not to make any difference to him. He was at home physically but away emotionally, sexually and psychologically.

To say they lived like brother and sister could be painting dung to the good relationship a brother has with a sister.

It was more like a stranger to a stranger.

Her eyes grew fond of tears than her lips got to smile.

She kept praying.

She kept crying to God for a change.

As you could expect, Priscilla was not the only one feeling the pain and facing the impact Jack’s actions were having on this family. Her babies started showing signs that they knew all was not well with Mama. Kids may not tell you their feelings, but sometimes in their sleep they slip out one or two repressed worries or pains.

Priscilla recalls one day her first born son waking up from sleep screaming and crying asking if his mother was okay. He had had a dream of her falling down the stairs and hurting herself.

Jack kept up his play of being haunted and threatened by his former cult after confession for a while. And NO, there were no signs of him dying any time soon. A part from what he could tell his wife, he was an otherwise thriving man scheming his next move.  As you would expect, he was soon to back to his former “cultic” ways.

As a good wife Priscilla was, she took some time away from the city life to go spend time with her husband’s parents in the village. It was while at the village that she received news of her mother passing from a complication after a surgery to remove her thyroid glands.

She proceeded to her father’s home with her children to mourn her mother. During this difficult time her husband was nowhere to comfort her. She mourned her mother alone, like a widow.

It was time to get back to the city hoping to go home to her husband for comfort.

Shock awaited her.

Jack had vacated the house even stopped paying rent.  Instead of a warm hug of comfort, she was met with a cold abandoned house with pending bills for her to settle.

What could she have possibly done so wrong for God to punish her this much? It was a question she couldn’t answer.

She had been a good wife. She had been patient. She had been prayerful. She had been forgiving even when Jack hurt her in the worst ways possible. She had endured a lot of pain and humiliation. For seven years she had tried her very best to make this marriage work only to be discarded during her most trying moment.

It was a pain too much for one woman.

Barely 30 years, she had lived through the pain of a 70 year old.

Priscilla was torn between mourning her mother and her marriage.

But for her kids, she had to stand strong and pick up her pieces.

 “I miss his love.” concludes a teary Priscilla.

There is a story that many can relate to.

A story not alien to our ears and eyes.

A story too familiar to some of us.

Things may not have unfolded in the exact way they did for Priscilla, but there could be similarities here and there all leading to an almost similar ending.

Which brings us to the question; was Jack really in a cult or it was just some bullshit story he made up to feed Priscilla’s original illusion, using it to manipulate her for his benefit?

Is this a case of a man possessed or just a narcissist abuser doing what they do best?






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