Born free? Think about it From the moment you breathed your first An empty slate They pounced on you, toilet, tongue training you Told you who your people are, who to worship, your place in society, your class… Defined your identity for you Like a tree, they rooted you and bent you to their fit Caging your spirit, putting a label on your head, containing your explore Now, Your existence […]


Strange how a single moment can change ones whole existence Except, this wasn’t just a moment A dirty crown to a horrendous existence A start to just a different kind of torment   In the moments you whispered love And gazed your blood curdling eyes down my body With a sure touch of entitlement you threw me to what would be my shambles For years to come   Amidst my […]


I always wonder what it would have been like if things had played out differently… What if the game had been a little bit different? What if he never played her? What if he had married her? What if he never abused her and actually loved her? What if she had left at the first sign? What if she never rushed in fear of the age monster? What if they […]


In a land where young virgins drown in their own blood of pain A symbol of the everlasting sorrow that awaits In a land where their breasts are caressed, their hearts trampled on In a land where religious books are her biggest chains Created by the ignorant who lack understanding Like a phoenix, she emerges From the withins of thickets Pale and terrified She struggles to see her way Stubborn […]


  It is in this chair This hellish chair With thorns and nails That I lost it all The grip of it all, gone As the thorns tore my flesh and nails sat deeper I looked at my blood that was a price for nothing Drip into nothing oozing the pain in reverse I plugged my ears and listened The sound of sobs is all I heard Undying sobs, of […]


  I got accustomed to denial For acceptance is to feel pain I chose the tiny crooked paths I walked the dirty corners For the highway meant truth I ran the marathons of escape Jumped dirty tiny rivers With thickets that blinded my sight For I was afraid of seeing I kept running Unmindful of the pricks The tears through my flesh I kept going No destination in mind I […]


  Here comes what they born The double aged double faced brute Glaring its blood shot one eye down at her  Trailing its ugly shadow with it Casting away the shine of the sun Not even the moon can see With its feet dug deep into the terra Making huge stride across It leaves prints of the unmindful Here comes the gagging plug Shoved down her throat Robbing her off […]


They say a beautiful woman pleases the eye; a good woman pleases the heart The first is a jewel, the second a treasure But who is a good woman? What makes her? Who defines her? You know, the one they call “a real one”? She stems from the pits larvae crawling awaiting her wings She wants to stand strong and be brave as the winds that brave the sea She […]


  I know I said I’m blue, which is true And I’m white, scared of Black But here is what you may never know My name is violet Heard about her? The naïve one, Too quiet too loud? With a soul adorned in axons? I’m loyal to my passions, and that includes you I love to be loved, and loves unconditionally I hope with my life, and learn with every […]


  My mind is a whirlwind A wander of thoughts Dogged coiling woes Just a forceful swirl that motions everything into a basket of nothing Taking up to speed and putting to flight everything A typical dust devil Sometimes it blinds me and makes me lose track of my going But then again, I got my feet on the ground I stand still and let them pass Sometimes it feels […]