I’m I in an abusive relationship?

My partner has never hit me but is often mean and controlling, is this abuse?

I want to be happy again, what do I do?

Will my abusive partner ever change?

Is it my fault that I am abused?

I want to leave but I don’t know how and where to start or go. What do I do?

Are my children safe?

How do I make sure my children don’t end up affected by the abuse at home?

Some of the questions we get every week.

And understandably so, questions that pose biggest dilemmas for victims of domestic abuse.

Imagine the number of people walking on eggshells trying to decode their unhappy and abusive relationships/marriages

Imagine the number of people that are living a life of endurance trying to survive amidst being abused by an intimate partner

It is draining and exhausting to be in that shoe.

Worst of all, it is dangerous

Not just to the partner being abused

But to the kids they could be raising in that union and the generations that come after them.

Disturbing is how almost NO one is talking about it.

These worries and concerns are an almost inaudible whisper behind anonymity

Everyone seems to be tiptoeing around it.

“Hush lest the next person hears you.”

Everyone is burdened by the need to put up a happy face, paint the picture of a happy union wading through the public eye with the charisma of everything is okay

When deep within, souls are dying, bodies crashing, innocent children being damaged

Well, at http://beyondpersona.com we believe the time for tiptoeing is over

The time for suffering in silence is over

The time for living in ignorance is over

Pain and endurance have had their fun, it is time to reclaim your life and live a life you are happy with

But above anything, we believe it is time to finally break the cycles of abuse, raising sons and daughters that are neither abusive nor vulnerable to becoming victims of abuse.

We make you understand that talking about the pain in your relationship or marriage is nothing to be ashamed of; it is the right thing to do for you to get the right help you need.

Through personal experiences and vast knowledge in human psychology we intend to open doors that have been closed for too long, expose you to a light you never knew and hold your hand through this journey of learning and healing.

We give you a voice

We educate you

We empower you

And help you heal

Domestic abuse is terrifying and unacceptable

It is serious violation of human rights

Most importantly, it is a dangerous risk to the children raised in that union

Kids are the backbone of our society.

They deserve a safe haven to grow and develop.

Imagine a child growing up in an environment dominated with tension, anxiety and fear.

We end up with adults who are physically, emotionally and psychologically dysfunctional

Recent studies have showed that kids who grow up seeing, hearing, observing or witnessing domestic abuse suffer the same risk of harm to mental health as those that experience direct abuse. Most of them grow up to either fall victim of abuse or be abusive especially in their own relationships and marriages.

A girl that grows up seeing a mother abused is 6 times more likely to be a victim of abuse. On the other hand a boy that grows up seeing a mother abused by his father is 10 times more likely to abuse their female partners or wives.

Basically, how we end up with adults who either abuse their partners or view abuse as a norm, a part of a marriage or a family.

This is why something more needs to be done to reduce domestic abuse and promote healthy functional homes

Something beyond persona has taken up; defying norms and odds to openly speak about what many won’t.