The sun was a loath, the moon just an orb

The more I stared, the more it dimmed on me

The luminous bodies blinded me, and plunged me into gloom

I looked down at my feet. Those I could see


Distant voices, beckoning at me

Far away from a distance, I heard you

“A snare! Don’t move!” I told myself

So I kept looking down, at the feet I could see


You neared, Voice clearer, your steps definite

I kept my head down, shaking and trembling

You stayed too long, could feel your eyes on me

A sigh. Started fading away, into the distance you came from

All this time, my eyes at my feet


Alone, scared, is the feeling I harbored

I gathered my courage, looked up and called unto you

Just an illusion, you were still here watching me

You pointed at the sun, and at the moon, I looked and it was beautiful

I looked back at you, I could see even better

You showed me the light; I will keep my eyes on it






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